The Role Of Yoga In Healing Trauma

A published study provides evidence of yoga having specific healing benefits. The Center on Poverty and Inequality at Georgetown University’s law school provided reviews on 40+ studies published on healing benefits of yoga in various aspects of life. It mounts evidence primarily on the mental health benefits. After going through trauma or other psychological issues, […]

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10 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind-Body-Spirit

Get ready for a healing and clear away negative energy!Are you feeling consumed with fear and grief or stressed out due to any outer situation or inner conflict? It’s time for a small break out of your day and turn inward restore the consciousness.This helpful video is created by Project Yourself team, who teach the […]

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7 Tips For Mind Power at Any Age

Mind power is one of the most useful and under-utilized powers available to us. The basis of this power is thought. Thoughts combined together are the cause of what you manifest in your life. The mind itself does not exists, it exists because of the thoughts you have as it consists thoughts only. It’s just an accumulation of […]

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natural healing technqiue to rejuvenate

Powerful Technique Helps You To Heal In Just 10 Minutes

Ready To Rejuvenate? Follow Just These Two Simple Steps Of Doing Nothing And See The Magic… REST and RECOVER ! This article contains tips that will help you tackle these two focal points of healing. Practicing these will help you on the road to having your dream state. A great self help tip that can […]

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Religious Sound Alchemy For DNA Repairing And DNA Healing

Introduce yourself to the mysterious sound alchemy method of DNA repairing! The sound is nothing but a pressure wave which is absorbed by human tissues before it would reach the inside of a cell non-contaminated. Since ancient times, it has been believed that sound frequencies can actually help us with DNA healing. Frequency has the […]

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5 Coolest Affirmations For Realist Spiritualists?

AFFIRMATIONS! You mind be wondering why would a spiritualist need affirmations? On every step of life, people will betray you and drag you down to make you taste the bitter reality of life. Affirmation is the perfect tool to deal with haters and their ordeals. Give yourself the permission to be fabulous and view life as […]

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