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Quantum Healing For Genetic Conditioning

Do You Realize That We Hold The Key To Our Own Healing? We all know that Quantum healing is a powerful practice and delivers serious results. The energy healing has been around for much longer than we think. Some people still doubt if it works but the science has backed it up with a lot […]

Reactions to DNA Activation Can Go Like This!

Wellness Hero Explains Reactions to DNA Activation & Quantum Level Healing. DNA activation require blockages to be removed on the Quantum level in order to practice, (dis)eases are often the result of blocked energy centers or chakras. ……. Since in this practice, DNA is thought to control the outward expression of the soul, DNA healing […]

Dolores Cannon, Founder of (QHHT), Passes

Founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Has Passed In a sad event Dolores Cannon met an accident in month of Oct 2014 and an amazing teacher has moved on to the other side. Her work and impact will always be remembered in the field of Quantum Healing. Her life was a precious gift to […]

(QHHT) Learn & Find The Power To Heal?

What If? You Could Help The Others To Find The Power Within. In the last video we introduced you to QHHT – what it is and why it matters. You can click here to watch the first video if you missed it. Here we will address the question regarding where you can learn Dolores Cannon’s […]

(QHHT) – What It Is And Why Should You Care?

Dolores Cannon discusses how she created and developed QHHT and what does it mean. FYI, QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT is really powerful healing technique and has an interesting theory for the name. To find out exactly what it is and why can prove to be an immensely helpful healing tool, Check […]

Fascinating Interview Of A Chiropractic Doctor On Quantum Healing!

Dr. Tanya English, A Quantum Healing Chiropractic Spills Her Beans On Quantum Healing. Dr. Tanya English has more than 20 years of experience in the healing field and she know the incredible details of the healing process. In the following interview, watch her describing how the healing actually takes place, she also goes over the […]

Quantum Healing From Deepak Chopra Gets An Update 2015

Deepak Chopra Talks About His Updated Quantum Healing Book For 2015! Quantum Healing was one of Deepak Chopra’s first book that provided great work on the Mind Body Healing. The book was a smashing hit and already have sold close to a million copies. However, it was railed by some critics and even called a […]