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Dalai Lama Speaks About Dream Yoga And It’s Enchanting

Dalai Lama is here to explain why dream yoga is useful for our spiritual development Spiritual life is all about reviving in the middle of an unrealistic dream. Tibetan Buddhism has always taught people to awaken within the dream and practice spirituality while lying on the bed with eyes closed. This is dream yoga in which […]

4 Memory Nootropic Smart Drugs That Don’t Require Prescription

SAFE NOOTROPICS THAT HELP HEALTHIER BRAIN AND OFFER BETTER LUCID DREAMING CAPABILITIES! Everything you need to know about the prescription free Nootropics: Memory enhancement using smart drugs aka nootropics is gaining a lot of heat these days. Nootropics are psychostimulants that make you smart and increase your focus and concentrative abilities. Researchers are coming up […]

Incredible Exercises To Help You Open Your ‘Third Eye’ Aka Pineal Gland

AWAKEN YOUR PINEAL GLAND WITH THESE EASY AND QUICK EXERCISES Pineal gland often called ‘The third eye’ is responsible for our wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic functions. Mentioning about the physiological function of the pineal gland, it is known that this area, present exactly in the middle of the brain acts as a connecting link between […]

Why Successful People Using Limitless Drug For Focus?

NOOTROPIC DRUGS ARE HERE… MAN WILL NOT WAIT FOR EVOLUTION TO OFFER HIM A BETTER BRAIN! Nootropics often called smart drugs are famous as memory enhancers, neuro enhancers and intelligence enhancers worldwide. Some people have even started considering as a shortcut to the silicon valley. These drugs are considered safe to use for improving cognitive functioning […]